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Will resume in January 2023 and will be offered Monthly !

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Tuesday in person

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Every six weeks

Tu & Th, 7-10 pm CST

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Past Workshops

“Catch the Rhythm of Character and Plot”

Description: WHETHER FICTION OR NONFICTION (creative nonfiction) characters and plot bob and weave together to a distinctive rhythm that when polished often reveals the author’s voice, a critical ingredient in the story writing process. LEARN to develop or reveal a character (or person) to engage the reader, fulfill your message. Plot points drive the story, introduce change, compel the reader to wonder, “what’s next.” Those are some of the techniques you’ll be working with during our hands-on workshop setting. JOIN US. Sit comfortably with your computer but bring a pen/notebook, too.


Description: Have you hit a roadblock on the memoir you’re writing? Gone so far and no farther? Not sure what needs to be included? What you don’t want to include? Questions about how to organize? Read some books but…?
Then you’re a fit for the “More about Memoir” workshop, a sequel to the earlier Memoir & Essay Workshop. You’ll have ample opportunity to raise questions, concerns; toss around ideas. And, we’ll do some writing throughout the session. JOIN US. Sit comfortably with your computer but bring a pen/notebook, too.

“Find Your Story”

Styled for those just getting started, “Find Your Story.” October 23. You’ve been itching to write but not sure how to get started? This is the place for you to learn the “tricks” of story development whether you are considering fiction, nonfiction or creative nonfiction.

We’ll go over the basic forms of writing – fiction, nonfiction, creative nonfiction and a bit on poetry. All are terrific story telling forms. Then, I’ll offer some strategies to help you decide which is best for what you want to write, taking in the people involved (or characters), the setting of place, time, etc., and “what’s happening?”

AND we’ll dedicate some time “in class” to work with those strategies. We’ll also address some significant writing style tips to move prospective writers up the ladder toward “serious” writers, those concerned with craft.

“Memoir and Personal Essay”

Discover the slant you want to take, learn the strategies and tools you will need to write either a book length or short personal story. We will employ the tools of fiction AND nonfiction in writing this personal story.

We’ll look to build a sturdy and full quiver of not only writing style to use – the personal style – but also tricks to tap into memory; research that may be pertinent to add to the understanding of your personal story in its time and place. AND SUGGESTED techniques to open the story with, to selecting what’s important for the reader who doesn’t know you, etc.  PLUS, it’s a workshop so we’ll experiment with what’s been taught while you’re here, to make sure your questions get answered on the spot.

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Past Events

2022 Ranch Writing Retreat (private) We planned with fingers crossed for an in person private ranch retreat … It worked, all fully immunized. A half dozen women writers gathered on a West Texas ranch for fun, writing and supporting each other.

Women Long Missing from Texas Tales” Pioneer Farms – October 2022