Carmen Goldthwaite

Carol Durham Henderson, Author, It’ll Rain Someday… Always Does,
A Historical Narrative

“Until I had the good fortune to join with others in Carmen Goldthwaite’s Writers’ Circle (teaching circle), I was one of those writers who scribbled poems on the back of used envelopes, wrote essays without attempting re-writes and dreamed of someday writing a book. And now, four years later, under Carmen’s tutelage, I have completed that long-dreamed-of book – IT’LL RAIN SOMEDAY… ALWAYS DOES.

“And yes, I still scribble on the backs of scrap paper and write the occasional essay. And yet, now have some idea about the worth of those words.”

Carol Durham Henderson, Author

Carmen Goldthwaite – Author, Teacher, Storyteller – packs a lifetime of writing into creative writing classes she teaches, the Texas Tales she spins and books and articles she pens.


Writers gather to talk about their writings, to learn tricks and techniques about the storywriting craft, be it fiction or nonfiction.

News and Schedule
Every Six Weeks. Contact Carmen for the next date.
* TU, in-person at my West Fort Worth home, 7 – 10 pm
* WED, a hybrid – in person but ZOOM for those ill or traveling
* THURS began on ZOOM and will remain on ZOOM, 7 – 10 pm.

Teaching, a glorious experience!

Translating decades of experience in writing and publishing, Carmen passes along her knowledge to writers through small group Writers’ Circles, individually, classes, conferences and workshops. For 12 years, men and women have knocked on the door of her writing place, her home, “Scribblers Sanctuary,” as nicknamed by early students. Some of her SMU and TCU students still come back from time to time for a “refresher” or a manuscript edit.

Autographed Books make a great gift!


“You find the untold stories of so many women…women who’ve been lost from the pages of history, and you write them well.”

Ann Smith of the Houston-Galveston Sam Houston Chapter of DAR about Texas Dames: Sassy and Savvy Women throughout Lone Star History

Carmen is the top-selling author of Texas’ heroic women’s stories: true adventures across the centuries and the landscape of Texas.

“well written and informative. I was born and raised in Texas. We had Texas history in school. This book gives me the ‘rest of the story’.” – Txana, on Amazon, a review.


“Thank you for coming. I could tell people really enjoyed the stories you told.”

Debbie, Pittsburg Peach Festival

Carmen spins the tales, the true ones, of Texas’ formidable women, stories untold or long forgotten. She’s written about them in columns, magazines, anthologies and books– tales of immigrating to “Tejas” alone and with children, standing off hungry and angry hostiles with guns or baked bread, grubbing to bring forth crops and livestock on land often parched, making hay when wildcatters poked their pastures and hit bonanzas.

Talking about the Texas Dames and their leadership in Texas at the Pittsburg Peach Festival Leadership Luncheon.

Upcoming events

Whether about history or writing, Carmen welcomes the opportunity to ‘pass it on.’

Scheduling Storytelling Events Now for Fall 2022 and Winter 2023. Contact Carmen to find out more or schedule an event.

At present, all in person meetings, retreats, etc. are subject to COVID guidelines now being lifted from place to place.

Ongoing Writers Circles

Tuesdays 7 – 10pm : In person only;
Wednesdays, 1:30-4:30pm(presently, a wait list) :
In person with zoom option.
Thursday 7 – 10pm: Zoom only.

Every six weeks
the next start date will be the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – June 21, 22 and 23

Storytelling Event

I’ll tell the stories of the “little known or long forgotten” women at Pioneer Farms, a living history museum on the northern outskirts of Austin.

At Pioneer Farms, visitors can picnic, watch the craftsmen and women at work in the 19th century era they represent, the homes they built and lived in, music and storytelling events usually scheduled for the weekends. (

October 8th

Writing Workshops

Taking the Summer Off.

Resume in September 2022

For more information, call on 817-726-0412 or EMAIL